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Pogostemon Erectus

Pogostemon Erectus

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Same Day Live on Arrival Guarantee.
Pesticides free, and shrimp safe.
Fresh cut/trim & ship on the same day.

Light: All Range
pH: 5.8-7.5
gH: 2-8
Temperature: 65-82
Fertilizer: Recommended
CO2: Recommended
Difficulty: Moderate

DOA Policy:
If plants are dead/unhealthy(significantly necrotic or melting) or damaged on arrival, please take clear pictures along with the package showing the shipping label and send it to me for a refund or replacement. All requests must be sent on the same day of the delivery day with pictures of the plant you received. Please contact me if you have any issues with your order.

Please note that Standard shipments take 2-7 days to be delivered. Expedited Shipping is highly recommended for high-value orders which takes 1-3 days in most cases.

* Please note the pictures are a sample representation. Due to its nature, each plant you receive may be slightly different in size and color.
Red, pink, and orange color are usually the result of photosynthesis under high light. Any of these colors tend to slowly fade, turning to green or yellow, in transit (usually after 24-48 hours) due to a lack of photosynthesis in transit. (Expedited shipping is strongly recommended to ship to keep their original color)
* No guarantee on free of pests, hitchhikers, or algae, except black beard algae(BBA)
* FirstClass takes 2-7 days to be delivered, 1-3 days for Priority, in most cases. The seller is only responsible for shipping the order in a timely manner and providing a Live on Arrival Guarantee, if needed, but not how and when the package should be delivered.
* The seller has provided insulation packaging and ice/hot pack options for buyers. Buyers shall aware of the weather and temperature of the destination area and decide whether they should purchase/add extra protection to their orders.

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Customer Reviews

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Levi Howser

Pogostemon Erectus


Came in completely healthy and is growing rapidly


It did come in dead but the customer service is awesome and ill get a replacement when its not 100000 degrees