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  • Shipping method Recommendation:
Temperatures Shipping method
62°F-78°F Standard / Priority Shipping
<55°F >86°F Priority with Insulation
<35°F >96°F Insulation with Ice/heat Pack
<20°F >107°F Please wait!


  • Plant Requirement:

All plants required different water parameter. Most plant prefer ph around 5.8-6.8. Some required acid water, ph < 6.5. Plants prefer low ph usually more difficult to grow. For example, Centrolepis Blood Vomit and Eriocaulon Quinquangulare are the difficult to grow and required ph 5.4-6.2. These plants are also sensitive to environment change. Water change should be done more often but less than 25%. Difficult to grow plants usually either grow well in a period of time but suddenly melted, or not growing at all when water parameter does not meet their need. We did sometimes lose an entire tank of plant when not careful with these plants.

Plant difficulty vs Aquarium parameter:

Difficulty Easy Moderate Hard Advanced
Light Low - High Low - High Medium - High Medium - High
Co2 Not required Recommended Required  Required
gH 2-18 3-12 3-12 2-12
pH 5.4-7.8 5.4-7.8 5.4-6.8 5.4-6.5
Fertilizer Recommended Required Required Required
Temperature 62-86 65-86 65-82 65-78

Submerged plant

Submerged plants are plants grown fully underwater level. Plants that grow underwater needs more care, a clean and stable environment, sufficient light, and nutrient to keep them growing healthy. Since plants are already in their submerged form, they won't need a long transition period like emerged grow plants and are ready to grow when they are moved to another submerged environment.