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Assorted Bucephalandra Plants

Assorted Bucephalandra Plants

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5+ Leaves each Rhizome. Assorted Buces are randomly picked.

Buce that may include:
Arrogant Blue
Brownie Red Coin
Brownie Purple
Brownie Jade
Brownie Phoenix
Brownie Blue
Black Pearl
Brownie Violet
Brownie Ghost
Brownie Galaxy
Deep Purple
Lamandau Mini Purle
Melawi Blue
Petite Blue Chili
Purple Mini
Red Mini
Red Cherry
Red Phantom
Green Wavy
Green Jade
Purple Blue
Mini Coin
Sexy Pink

Same Day Live on Arrival Guarantee.
Pesticides free, and shrimp safe.
Fresh cut/trim & ship on the same day.

Light: Low - Medium
pH: 5.4-7.8
gH: 2-8
Temperature: 65-82
Fertilizer: Recommended
CO2: Optional
Difficulty: Easy

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